My Story

A Natural Piano Instructor

I started taking piano lessons at the tender age of 5. I began student teaching at the age of 13 which is when I also played my first wedding. I began violin at the age of 12 and viola at the age of 15. I won numerous piano competitions in the teenage years and served as first chair viola in the top orchestra in Richland District 2 in South Carolina. Two days after graduating high school I was able to play with the same orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York City. (2001) By the time I was a senior in high school I was teaching 12 piano/violin/viola students a week. After high school I got the pleasure of playing with the USC symphony for a year. Now I live and teach in the state of Delaware. I have almost 30 students and I'm looking to take on as many as I can. I also look forward to special performances online as well as in person. My ultimate goal is to change people's lives for the better through music.